Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Out of Africa

This is the last day in Johannesburg, we are heading back home in the evening.  We used the day to visit Lion Park, basically a zoo, near Jo'burg, to cuddle lion cubs.  It was strange to see animals caged, after so many visits to parks where they are free roaming.   Lion cubs were very cute!  We saw rare white lions.

We used the last few hours in South Africa to head towards Pretoria. Our way there led us next to a shantytown. 

We visited the Voortrekker Monument - a monument to Afrikaner - Dutch pioneers who colonized Southern Africa, and to their leader Pretorius.  The monument also offers a superb view of Pretoria.

And then, it was time to board the plane.  Almost two months ago, I boarded a plane to ZA uncertain about what lay ahead.  Now, I am boarding the plane back to New York, and feel sad to leave Africa behind.  One last sunset at the airport...

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